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I’m Rebecca Eyre, floral designer for modern flower fans just like you.

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Nature changes every day and, since it’s our inspiration, so do our creations

There’s something special about flowers. They’re nature’s jewels, sprinkled through our gardens and carefully arranged in our homes. Each bunch of flowers is fleeting, designed to be ours for just a week or two. Which means that creating floral designs that we love is all the more important.


At Ivy Pip & Rose, we like to design our floral arrangements with intention. The best creations look relaxed and effortless. But, woven through them all, between the ivy (and the roses), you’ll find a magical tale just waiting to be told.



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From flower crowns MADE with washing line in a childhood garden, to a florist working across North Wales (and beyond)

I spent my childhood in our family farmhouse, nestled on the edge of Snowdonia, where the Welsh laneways are taken over by a rainbow of wildflowers each summer.


Those wildflowers soon made their way into our walled garden, with overgrown shrubs and rambling roses to keep them company. As one of a family of five, mum was happy to give me free rein. I fell in love with nature’s colourful palette, spending countless happy hours exploring and playing, practising life as a floral designer before I even knew what that was. I made my first flower crown age 13, poking the flowers into twine (or washing line if I could sneak some away!), to wear alongside my 90s grunge outfit for the day.


Photograph: Britt Spring


As us country children often do, I felt the bright lights of city life pulling me in and headed off to London to find out what all the fuss was about. I trained as a solicitor and spent a few years running around the capital but, while I loved my work, I missed being creative.


Soon enough, the solution presented itself. My Aunt had been a florist and my unofficial mentor, teaching me the basics as a teenager, while I’d been doing the flowers at friends’ weddings for years. I decided to become a floral designer.


So, I took an internship at Flower Girl in New York to refresh my floral design skills, and Ivy Pip & Rose grew its first buds in 2013.

Coming home to Wales

I’m now back in North Wales, with a beautiful studio in Llandwrog, Gwynedd that I’m delighted to call my own. I open up the studio doors and am greeted by that unmistakable aroma of flowers waiting to be crafted into something special, a moment that will never fail to make me smile.

With the sea in one direction and the Welsh mountains in the other, I’m surrounded by nature. Which, despite the ever-changing seasons, still acts as my greatest design inspiration.


Less ordinary floral design

Is it cliché to say that we’re not you’re average florists? I’m always looking to do things a little bit differently, spending (far too many) hours scouring flower markets for interesting things to work with that are… less ordinary.


The Ivy Pip & Rose floral design style is classic and elegant. It eschews the traditional and speaks to something timeless instead.


I’m proud to say that we make a conscious effort to protect the planet that allows us to do the job we love, choosing to opt-out from using traditional floral foam, repurpose any single-use items and place an emphasis on Welsh and British grown flowers where we can.

The people (and pup) who make it all possible


The busy summer season is made manageable thanks to a reliable team of freelancers and floral designers who create plenty of laughter and smiles, in between designing and arranging displays. And we’re all cheered on by Ted, Ivy Pip & Rose’s furriest fan.

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Happy Clients

“Thank you so much for everything on the weekend, the flowers were unbelievably amazing and although I knew what they would potentially be like, they were better than I ever expected! The flowers brought the rooms to life and created such an amazing, beautiful yet earthy feel to Iscoyd, so thank you!”


- Kiera, after her wedding at Iscoyd Park -