It’s all in the details…place settings

Hi from a sunny, springy New York! I’ve been busy cooking up summer plans – languishing on the hidden beaches of Long Island with my gorgeous friend Juli; picking up everything in Terrain with my friend Dani {and making these amazing gift tags in the meantime} and snorkeling in the Virgin Islands with my boy. If warmer days for you mean heading nervously to the beach, don’t panic and be sure to check out this helpful guide to prepping yourself found via my favourite Brooklyn blogger, A Cup Of Jo. I’m off to book that spray tan…

Rebecca has also been busy these past few weeks. Follow her on Instagram for sneak peek of styled shoots including the latest with mini-pineapples in Peckham with Heart a Flutter Bridal!

For this month’s  its all in the details post, I wanted to chat about the principle of a little effort going a long way when it comes to making your table settings look utterly gorgeous. With a small bit of extra thought and attention to detail, a simple table can be jazzed up nicely by a pretty, interesting place setting. Before we look at the images, I want to tell you about a lady I know who has been married for over 40 years; both she and her Doctor husband work full time and have a packed social life, but they always find time for an evening supper together. She ‘dresses’ the table every evening with heavy linen napkins, a tiny floral arrangement and a little candle, even if they are having cheese on toast. I like the idea that a simple ritual like this can make even the most humble of meals seem a little more special.

When it comes to weddings, where the overall budget usually needs to be stretched to unknown galaxies, it can seem extravagant to add extra floral arrangements to place settings; Uncle Bob and his lack of appreciation for floral design will only chuck the thing on the marquee  floor anyway, right?  However, as these images prove, the settings don’t have to be huge or fancy to make an impact. Talk to Rebecca for some ideas for your gathering, special meal or wedding.

{Source: Flowers arranged by Ivy, Pip and Rose captured by the wonderful Britt Spring Photography} Rebecca of Ivy, Pip and Rose and Rebecca of this awesome wedding created these simple but effective place settings for the Lake Como wedding that made all weddings of 2013 jealous. Rebecca {the bride…this is getting confusing!} explains why she chose this style: “I chose the lavender as it’s a beautiful colour and has a soothing and calming smell, which seemed to contrast with the hectic day we anticipated! We wanted things for the wedding to be as simple as possible and tried to make everything easy  for our helpers and suppliers. So the elegance of the napkins set up in this way really appealed. They were quick, simple and sophisticated, but really eye-catching. We had a huge amount of compliments.” I can imagine glamorous guests winding the springs into their up-dos. This one variety approach means that even the most heavy-handed helper can assist in creating the arrangements for the party!

{Source: Ivy, Pip and Rose captured once again by the talented Britt Spring} Adding a pop of colour with seasonal berries and herbs is a lovely idea for a garden party or special meal. Mint would be really fresh in the summer time, whilst woody herbs such as thyme and rosemary would add aroma to a wintery event. I love the black and white string tying the mini bouquet together to keep the look modern. This would really complement the hanging herb display in last months its all in the details post.

{Source: Soil & Stem} This arrangement by the talented Utah-based florists appeals to my love of heirloom silver and lots of greenery in arrangements. I also like the idea of having little not-yet-opened buds; guests can take these place settings home, drop into a pretty vase and keep the memories of your event going for a few more days as the flowers open. It can be very time-consuming to search for the right props, so let Rebecca know what you are looking for and she can help you source the perfect things.

{Source: unknown! found on Pinterest} Big, bold blooms such as hydrangeas, flying pink saucer peonies, wide-opened poppies and alliums work so well in this style of arrangement; ask Rebecca what might be in season when you are planning your wedding or event and she can help you design the place setting. This approach might mean the overall table decoration is limited but once your guests take their seats and push the flowers to the middle of the table, a display has been created! A project for the bridesmaids could be to paint words onto calico or linen napkins as keepsakes for the guests.

{Source: 91 magazine, issue 7, styling by Tiffany Grant Riley; as an aside, check out the Urban Jungle Bloggers/ Gift a Plant post on Tiffany’s fab blog. My friends and I here in Brooklyn like to do this as we like to greedily hold onto wine and chocolates for ourselves} I absolutely love this modern, warm take on the classic wreath idea. The name plate could be punched metal, a slither of slate with chalk writing or embroidery on vintage fabric. The simple cherry ruscus would also look wonderful on the head of your guests during supper! This DIY project would be fun to try for a summer BBQ in the backyard.

There are so many place setting ideas that it could be overwhelming to pick a style. Ask Rebecca what works well at a wedding or gathering and she can guide you through the choices – formal, casual, rustic, colourful and everything in between!

See you soon for more ideas.

x Jo