DIY flower wreath


Wreath steps 7.06.13

Follow these step by step instructions to make a simple flower wreath.   The cow parsley and ivy leaves were foraged from the unkept pathways of Se19.  But the principles will work well with most flowers and foliage, no matter how grand or humble their origins.

So you will need – wire, firm enough to make a frame.  A fine wire or florist’s tape to bind the stems to the frame. A piece of ribbon and of course your flowers.

step 1 –  The length of wire depends on the size of the wreath you want to make.  Make a circle to the desired size and  any excess can be wrapped around the frame.  It is also good to loop a section over to make a, well a loop which you can use to hang it or to tie the ribbon.

step 2  –   cut a selection of your flower and foliage stems to 3″-4″

step 3  – bundle together in little posy your flowers and foliage.  When you are happy with the look and size hold it firmly and using the wire or tape,  bind the posy of flowers and foliage to the wire frame.

step 4 – repeat step 3 – repeat step 3  – repeat step 3.  I am sure you are now getting the idea!  Continue doing this until you have completely covered the frame. Cheats tip…  if you run out of flowers you can double back the frame to close the gap

step 5  – finish with ribbon or twine and hang.

wreath result 7.06.13