Olly & Laura’s Wedding – bright and brit pop!

Laura and Olly had a relaxed city wedding; getting married at Islington Town Hall before moving on to a relaxed BBQ reception at the Mildmay Community Centre.  The lovely photographs are brilliantly captured by Laura deBourde, which was featured on Rock my Wedding.

For the flowers most of all Laura wanted a bouquet that was natural and seasonal with a mix of soft pastel shades popping through lots of foliage.  The bridesmaids dresses were different styles and different colours so the bouquets would need to compliment each dress.  When making the bouquets I made the foliage frame first and then added the flowers after, this enabled me to get a much looser bouquet and to work the different colours together.   Laura and I also decided on different ribbons to match each dress and  Laura tied  the most beautiful blue locket to her bouquet.

For the reception the brief was oversized flowers in simple vases.  There was no formal sit down reception so the flowers were needed to decorate the standing tables, ice-cream bar etc. Elisabetta Ciruli White of Linen and Silk worked with Olly & Laura on styling and set up.  The hanging records, pinwheels, origami swans,  the hydrangea’s and other thoughtful details worked brilliantly together. But best of all, as child of the 70’s, remembering my parents owning this album was the Blondie inspired Parallel Lines  back drop – genius.


The colours: ivory and pastels;

The style: Relaxed and fun:

The flowers: dahlias, delphiniums, lavender, september, larkspur, stocks and matricaria.