Refresh your customer

experience with

corporate flowers & floral design

for your business

There’s a reason you’re seeing more INDEPENDENT shops than you can shake a bunch of bluebells at

People are craving human interaction. There’s a gap between the online world and what customers are experiencing in real-life. They’re looking for something special.

Your customers need to be wowed by their offline experiences. If they’re going to be drawn into shops and businesses, they need in-person experiences and events that are magical and memorable.

Businesses need to create original offline experiences if they want to keep customers coming back to their stores. And corporate flowers can help you do just that.

Let’s elevate your customer experience, with something totally new. Together, we’re going to show your customers just how important they are, by breathing fresh energy into your business with less ordinary (and more on-brand) floral design. Let’s make every experience remarkable


Picture this…


The Guest House

Your guests arrive at your holiday accommodation. They’ve had a long drive... but the moment they unlock that front door? They’re welcomed with a gentle scent of seasonal flowers. They step inside to be greeted by an eye-catching vase of beautifully arranged local flowers, bringing fresh energy into the previously empty home. They snap a photo and send it to their friends “the holiday’s begun!”.

The Cafe

You’re opening up the doors for the first night of your new menu. The first booking arrives... on the way to their table, they pass by a captivating display of flowers and foliage, a nod to the local landscape that inspired the menu. Your customers instantly start discussing it, trying to guess where everything is from. Their interest’s piqued, and they sit down, ready to eat.

The Hotel

You’re running a special event, hoping it’ll inspire more people to visit. As the guests arrive, they all gather around one area - the full-length backdrop made out of flowers and foliage in your signature colours. Each group is stopping to pose and take photos in front of it, and they’re posting them to Instagram. The word’s getting out, you’ve created your own social media moment.

"Thank you again for your help last week. The place looked fab. I have attached some pictures you might like"


LR, after an event at Smith's of Smithfield, London


Icelandic poppies

Proud to champion local businesses with less ordinary floral design

We’ve been dreaming up new floral designs since we could first operate a pair of secateurs. With more weddings under our belt than we have fingers to count (and unique arrangements for events across the London hospitality industry), we’re now championing the local businesses we’ve admired for so long.

It could be a big event, a night to remember, or another-grey-Tuesday. No matter the time or event, Ivy Pip & Rose are proud to help local businesses grow with less-ordinary floral designs to make every moment special. A touch of nature can bring a fresh feeling to any day, no matter how memorable or mundane it might be.

We’re oh-so-excited to bring our expertise to local businesses across North Wales and beyond. Are you ready to get started?

Corporate flowers & floral design for your business

Your flowers can be a backdrop to your business, standing behind you as you welcome your customers inside. They can be a complement to a big day, softening the decor of your event space. Or they can be the star of the show, creating a show-stopping moment of their own.

Elevate your events, launches and photoshoots with one-off floral designs. Or, take the pressure off with regular flower displays and subscriptions (contract flowers) that bring a touch of nature into your cafe, hotel, gallery or business.

We believe that every space has the potential to be transformed with clever floral design. Whether it’s a busy local venue or a simple minimal building, we take our inspiration from your location and work from there.

Together, we can get creative and think outside the box to build something special for your customers. It all starts with a simple conversation.


We’ll be working with you, every step of the way

  1. Once you get in touch, we’ll ask you to send through a few extra details before inviting you to meet for a coffee (or two!).
  2. Then, we’ll send you a proposal and custom moodboard. These will act as the foundation for our project and will help us ensure that everything is on brief and on-brand.
  3. To confirm the booking, we’ll ask for a 25% deposit with full payment required a month before the event.
  4. We’ll keep in touch via email and check-in to share our ideas and designs along the way, before a final catch-up before the event to cover any practical questions.

Let’s create an experience unlike anything your customers have ever imagined

Icelandic poppy